I ended up not having cancer, so this blog died a quick death instead of me.  I will probably sporadically write here to amuse myself with weirdo short fiction or thoughts about existence.  If I remember it exists, that is, because I’d completely forgotten about it until I just commented on someone’s kickass blog post and saw myself linked to this thing.

That’s the explanation of why this isn’t a real blog.

Note: My left collarbone remains weirdly large, and I still don’t know why, but I stopped caring very much once tumors were ruled out. I like to say my heart is just too big. Ha.

Note2: That is my dog, Josh.

Note3: I’m doing very little of the things I swore I’d do if I ended up not having cancer, except that I do continue taking time for my relationship with grass and sunshine and pets, and I’ve added in volunteer-teaching to at-risk kids a few hours a week.  But I haven’t lost weight, am not exercising regularly, and still haven’t nailed the gratitude thing.


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