Day 2 (d): Dr. Visit

I just saw Dr. Paul, the monthly subscription doctor I’ve had for a month or two.  Defying the insanity of our current health system and its corresponding insurance nightmare, Dr. Paul is among the handful of pioneers opening “direct primary care” practices.  I pay less than $100 a month in return for unlimited office visits, phone, email, and text consultation.  Prescriptions are dirt cheap ($1.97 for the high blood pressure medicine he just gave me), and he has a network of participating medical professionals to bring other prices down.  For example, an x-ray of my collarbone friendie would cost me $40.

But I will have either an MRI ($200) or a CT Scan ($450), which I will pay in cash.  He’s consulting with an orthopedic doctor (I believe through some online exchange for a small fee to himself), who will give us his opinion within 24 hours as to which route we should go.  I’m guessing it will be CT Scan.  Because this could be cancer, so not wasting time seems important.

Dr. Paul said that we will approach this as if it’s cancer, for the sake of time and money, but there’s reason to hope it may not be.  For example, if it’s a bone tumor, he read that 90% are benign (I am not googling to check that fact, I like it as-is).  And it could also be something else that happens at joints, and which would eventually go away on its own.  I am rooting for that one which, frankly, seems like a dream… I would be so happy!  I am doing all kinds of thinking and bargaining in my head about how I’ll live life if I am not dying at the moment.  Maybe I’m not!  And then you’ll see how happy and nice I am all the time.  Even more than now. 😉



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