Day 2 (a)

I forgot write something I’m grateful for yesterday, which is the purpose of this blog.  So here’s one for yesterday:  I love my dogs and they love me back.  Also, the cats.

You should know that my mind became immediately flooded with negative things about loving my dogs, and my cats, and them loving me back, as soon as I even had the notion to type that I am grateful for those things.  I think this is probably not normal, but even if it is, the reality is that I feel I can’t say I’m grateful for or about a single thing without also letting you know all the caveats that go along with it.  And I think that’s handicapping to my progress and probably well-being and maybe even happiness.

Although, it’s pretty interesting to go down those rabbit holes…

Anyway, I want to focus just on the gratitude part.  Maybe I’ll eventually start a companion blog called The Caveats.


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